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10D-350D High-strength UHMwPE Fiber


Denier:  10D 15D 20D 30D 50D 75D 100D 150D 200D 300D 350D
Dtex: 11dtex 17dtex 22dtex 33dtex 55dtex 83dtex 111dtex 165dtex 222dtex 333dtex 389dtex
Density: ≈0.97g/cm3
Melt Point: 140-152 Degrees
Abrasion and fatigue resistance: Excellent
Chemical resistance: Excellent (Acid / Alkali / Water / most chemicals)
Environmental attribute: Excellent (Light / UV / weathering)
Tenacity at breaking: ≈40cN/dtex ≈40cN/dtex ≈40cN/dtex ≈40cN/dtex ≈38cN/dtex ≈37cN/dtex ≈35cN/dtex ≈34cN/dtex ≈33cN/dtex ≈32cN/dtex ≈32cN/dtex
Elongation at break: ≈3% ≈3% ≈3%
Main Application: Fishing line / Medical line Fishing line / Cut-resistance Glove Cut-resistance Glove / Fabric or Cool Feeling Sheet





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